What is CTR?

What is CTR?

A certain amount of credibility is required to determine the status of a blog, article or website.

The term CTR stands for Click Through Rate.

Click through rate means that you get the visitors through the site. It does not matter where they come from as it is the online visitor. This percentage is normally somewhere between 10% and 90%.

The concept behind the CTR is to encourage people to read your content and click on it. Without the clicks the visitor will go on to another site. So, it is important to have high quality information or site to keep them engaged for long.

Because the web has become more of a collection of sites the term is not used by the search engines or word experts much. But, there are other people that make use of the terms CTR and CTA.

It may seem that the terms do not mean the same thing, but the concept is quite the same. One can be seen as a lot different in terms of message or motivation.

The CTR of a website helps in understanding its popularity and traffic.

The CTA, on the other hand, speaks about how it is seen. The CTR alone tells us if the traffic was redirected to the website or not.

Traffic starts at the top, follows the arrows and goes down to the bottom. The CTR of a website depends on how many visitors come from a particular website and how many of them decide to click on the link and go to another site. Therefore, the CTR does not represent how many visitors came from a particular site.

However, the CTR tells us how many people clicked the link to go to another site. The article on the CTA in Wikipedia shows that the CTR is determined by the number of clicks and the probability of clicking.

It is important to understand the difference between the CTR and the CTA and how they are calculated by the search engines. Since the search engines tend to ignore the CTR, you have to pay attention to this.

As you see, the CTR means little to the search engines and the CTA, which mean a lot. The CTA is what makes or breaks the internet marketing success of a website.

If you find yourself in this type of a dilemma, you should know that CTR and CTA are not interchangeable terms. Your website should be aware of the difference so that you will be able to deliver the desired results.